New course: Good Documentation Practice

Fri 29 May 2015 @ 15:00

Zenosis, the leading provider of eLearning for the medicinal products industry, has announced the release of a new course: Good Documentation Practice.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for medicinal products relies on documentation. Good Documentation Practice (GDocP) is that part of GMP that applies to the creation, maintenance, use, and retention of documents to provide assurance of the quality of products.

In this module the crucial importance of GDocP is emphasised, and five principles that underpin it are identified. The functions of the various types of documents that are used are explained, and descriptions are given of how they should be created and controlled. Finally, requirements for record keeping are set out – how data are to be entered into records, corrected if necessary, and how records must be retained.


More Zenosis courses approved by Royal Society of Chemistry

Thu 21 May 2015 @ 8:43

Zenosis, the leading provider of eLearning for the medicinal products industry, is pleased to announce that a further three of its courses have been awarded Approved Training status by the UK’s Royal Society of Chemistry. The courses are:

Approval by the Society identifies good quality training that supports members in their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The Society’s approval process is one of peer review, involving assessment against set criteria by members expert in their field.

Continuing Professional Development refers to the learning activities through which professionals develop their abilities and ensure that they remain competent and increasingly effective. CPD is encouraged in all professions and is formally required in some. It may be otherwise known as Continuing Professional Education (CPE) or, in the context of medicine, Continuing Medical Education (CME).