New course: Good Manufacturing Practice for the Warehouse

Thu 23 Jul 2015 @ 14:00

Zenosis, the leading provider of eLearning for the medicinal products industry, has announced the release of a new course: Good Manufacturing Practice for the Warehouse.

The warehouse plays a crucial role in a medicinal products factory. This module explains the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for the warehouse, and how to comply with them. GMP for the warehouse overlaps with Good Distribution Practice (GDP), which applies to the whole distribution chain for products.

This module provides essential training for all personnel who work in the warehouse of a medicinal products manufacturer. Other staff working in a manufacturing environment in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry will also benefit from it.

The module begins with an introduction to work in the warehouse of a medicinal products manufacturer, describing the kinds of goods that come in and go out and how they may be stored in a typical layout. Methods of segregating stock are identified, and seven main goals of GMP for the warehouse are set out.

The next session discusses procedures for the receipt of inward goods and outlines how the goods are checked, recorded and labelled, quarantined, sampled and tested, and released for use or rejected. The third session describes good practice for storage, inventory control, and transfer of materials and products to and from production. The last session discusses dispatch of finished products, and procedures for dealing with returned or recalled products.