MD01 Medical Devices Course now £FREE

Tue 14 Apr 2020 @ 18:07

Understanding the regulatory and approval process to ensure acceptance to the market is a crucial part of any product design and manufacture.

Covid-19 has put huge pressure on the world's health system to cope. Many organisations have put their design and manufacturing resources to work on producing medical devices; there is no doubt that this pressure will not be subsiding any time soon, and tragically many lives have already been lost.

We are making our MD01 Introduction to the Regulation of Medical Devices available at no cost* to any organisation or individual who is requiring to gain this knowledge in the world wide fight against this latest deadly coronavirus. If this knowledge can accelerate any organisations concept to delivery process, even by one day, it may save one or multple lives.

Delivered via our cloud based LMS, you can apply for bulk learner set up by contacting us at [email protected].

For individuals, you can simply "buy" the course by adding it to your basket for free checkout.

Let's all work together to fight this pandemic and look forward to better times for the whole of humanity.



MD Zenosis


*Our normal terms and conditions apply. This offer is provisionally open until the end of June 2020 but subject to change at any time

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